Bronnie collides high energy alt-pop and riffy pop-punk bringing it crashing into the face of todays alternative scene. Championed at BBC Radio 1 by Nels Hylton who has called her the “the new queen of pop-punk” she creates songs for screaming in your bedroom and crying in the moshpit. 

As a prolific and energised live performer, who has been touring from a young age, Bronnie has played with the likes of Neck Deep, Sumo Cyco and As December Falls as well as The Hara, Vukovi and Little Mix. 

In between touring the world she has found time to create The Bronnie Show, her dedicated radio show and podcast. On it she shares stories, her favourite songs new and old and interviews guests including the likes of fellow nu-gen pop-punk star LOLO. 

2023 looks set to launch Bronnie to new heights; taking over the airwaves and festival stages with brand new music. As ever relying on an international family of fans that rally behind her and are responsible for her success every step of the way.

Management : RampageTalent@gmail.com / Hello@BronnieMusic.com

Factfile on Bronnie 

Born: Wirral/Liverpool, UK 

Nationality: 1/3 Welsh 1/3 English 1/3 American

Obsessions: Cats, Tattoos, Scented Candles, Music, Bands, Songwriting, Aliens, All things Disney

Favourite football team: Liverpool Football Club.

Favourite bands: So many....but.... Blink182, Neck Deep, Four Years Strong, Bowling for Soup, Green Day, Good Charlotte, MCR, ATL, Sleeping With Sirens, Waterparks and a million others.....

Favourite holiday destination: California, Portugal, New England

Favourite cities: LA, Nashville, New Orleans and Liverpool!